Kapha Season Workshop!


Yoga for the Season: Kapha Balancing Practice at Castle Hill, Saturday 12/10 3-5pm

I am so excited to share some of what I learned this summer at Laughing Lotus during my Ayurveda training! I knew that people had doshas – but did you know that seasons do, too?! During Kapha season (late winter to spring) many people tend to feel “stuck in the mud.” That’s because the elements of Kapha are earth and water – mud!

Join me for an afternoon of learning more about doshas as we bust the Kapha season blues with an uplifting vinyasa flow, partner work and ending with a nurturing restorative sequence. Saturday, December 10th from 3-5pm in the Chakras room at Castle Hill Fitness $25 per person VIP members get 10% discount.

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